Transforming Nutrition and Health with AI. DEUS business partner, PIPA LLC, signs a multi-year agreement with Mars, Inc.

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July 7th, 2022

A scientist working with LEAP - the AI platform combines biomedical databases, scientific publications, clinical trials, and omics datasets

Through our five-year-long partnership with PIPA we’ve collaborated on impactful projects on Health, Nutrition, and Life Sciences in general and it’s with the utmost happiness and pride that we celebrate their recent agreement with Mars Inc. to accelerate innovation together.

On April 26th, our business partner, PIPA LLC announced a multi-year agreement with Mars, Inc to accelerate the discovery of new plant-based ingredients through the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform,  LEAP™. The AI platform combines biomedical databases, scientific publications, clinical trials, and omics datasets to predict new associations among molecular and food-related entities with microbes and diseases. In other words, this agreement aims to support the discovery of molecules that could lead to the development of new conventional and functional products.

Mr. Anestis Taskos, Head of Operations at DEUS EX MACHINA, commented:

“Being on the edge of technology in Life Science is challenging yet rewarding. It needs ruthless dedication, agility, transparency, and accountability to bring to life our ambitious goals. One thing is certain, through our long-term partnership with PIPA LLC we’re on the right track to enable the next wave of scientific discovery in Health and Nutrition.”

Mr. George Nikolaou, VP of Product at PIPA, said:

Mr. George Nikolaou, VP of Product at PIPA, quote : “By joining forces with Mars, we are placing AI at the center of food, nutrition, and health. We are bringing to fruition new methods for science discovery that mean business teams empowered by AI can unlock novel, high-quality insights faster and more cost-effectively than previously imagined.”Dr. Ilias Tagkopoulos, founder of PIPA and director of the USDA AI Institute of Next Generation Food Systems (AIFS) at University of California, Davis, commented:
“The next decade we will witness a paradigm shift in the way we understand food, its effect to our health and well-being. The trifecta of mapping the molecular atlas of food, leveraging state-of-the-art computational methods that learn from data, and nurturing a vibrant ecosystem that translates discoveries to practice, creates the perfect storm for an unprecedented disruption and brings us one step closer to the Hippocratic “let food be thy medicine”.”
At DEUS we share the same unabated mission with PIPA; use Artificial Intelligence to build a [better] world we and future generations want to live in. We’re utterly excited about what this new agreement with Mars Inc. will unfold in terms of new discoveries and product innovation.