Products and Services

Evidence-based approach to process optimization

Very often, companies are faced with fragmented, obsolete processes, bottlenecks and obstacles that erode profits, lower product quality and increase failure risk. We help our clients by implementing a structured approach that consists of the following steps: First, define the challenges and identify their causes. Second, prioritize targets based on value and feasibility given the data at hand. Third, apply data analytics and computational models, in an iterative manner and in conjunction with the business. The algorithmic methods that we use to solve these problems include mathematical optimization, machine learning, graph theory and multi-scale modeling and simulation on HPC systems.

Past projects include:

  • an optimal experimental design strategy to sample the solution space of a manufacturing process efficiently
  • a client that had a process of multiple parts that could be matched and mixed in a vast number of combinations and
  • an active learning software system, which recorded past experiments and outcomes to guide which experiments to perform next in order to create products cheaper, faster, better.

Scalable Machine Learning

It is often said that Data is one of the largest assets of any company, a treasure trove waiting to be found. In reality, data may have little value if not paired with the right analytics. The key to unlocking the potential of data is to enable knowledge extraction in a way that it can inform decisions. Together with our partners, we have developed advanced analytics that transforms amorphous datasets into actionable insights. To achieve that, we design and deploy the latest in bioinformatics, machine learning, and natural language processing methods.

Past projects include the analysis of financial data from a corporate client to predict sales and forecast product availability, creating predictors for disease onset, and learning customer satisfaction from chats and communication data.

Your own personal HAL9000

Creating an Artificial Intelligence is more than just putting data analytics and stunning visualizations together. It needs a system that can continuously process information, monitor events and act upon them. Automated ways to analyze and learn from past experiences to fine tune actions is another key feature. Last but not least, communication with the user in a clear, intuitive way is essential.

Projects include an autonomous AI for a large conglomerate that would like to create a curated knowledgebase based on past experience, a monitoring system for highway maintenance and a clinical decision support system based on best practices.

Professional applications with a focus on data analytics

Whether it is a desktop application or a smartphone app, our software engineers provide client-focused solutions to house the data analytics solutions of any project. Our teams work based on agile methodologies in a variety of languages and platforms so we can better match the business and functional specifications of your business need.

Projects here include the software engineering layer of the various data analytics projects that we have undertaken, including a mobile app for a client in the transportation business, a clinical decision support application for physicians, a database management and machine learning web service for several manufacturing processes.