Voxxed Days Thessaloniki 2023: Day 2 Highlights

By Deus Administrator

December 21st, 2023

Day 2: Saturday, November 25, 2023

Our technological exploration at Voxxed Days Thessaloniki 2023 continued on Saturday.
After absorbing the invaluable insights of day 1, where we navigated complexities, embraced cutting-edge CI/CD, and explored the nuances of chaos engineering, the expedition endures.

Now, let’s unravel more gems from day 2 sessions that caught our Machinarians’ attention, curated by our Enterprise Architect, George Ouzounis.

Session Highlights: Day 2 

1. Beyond logs: Real-time anomaly detection with machine learning by FAWAZ GHALI

Watch the full session on YouTube

Intriguing and thought-provoking, Fawaz Ghali’s session on real-time anomaly detection with machine learning presented a new solution for processing logs in real time . The talk delved into a groundbreaking solution crafted by Hazelcast, Fawaz’s workplace, aimed at detecting anomalies in logs in real-time. A few of the advantages of the solution:

  1. Single Jar Solution: Avoids communication latency between components, streamlining the process.
  2. Versatility: Supports both stream and batch processes, ensuring adaptability to diverse scenarios.
  3. Seamless Integration: Easily integrates with message brokers like Apache Kafka, enhancing its utility and accessibility.

2. Service Mesh for developers by ABDEL SGHIOUAR

Watch the full session on YouTube

Abdel Sghiouar’s exploration of Service Mesh, particularly the Istio solution employed by Google, unfolded as a journey into refined networking control within Kubernetes clusters. The session illuminated Istio’s role in enhancing pod communication, complemented by built-in observability and monitoring capabilities.

Key insights include:

  • Istio Overview: Positioned atop Kubernetes clusters, Istio empowers developers with meticulous control over pod networking.
  • Observability and Monitoring: Out-of-the-box features for enhanced visibility into system dynamics.
  • Ambient Mesh Vision: Delving into the future, envisioning a paradigm shift with the spotlight on the removal of the “sidecar”, an extra container augmenting each pod for streamlined network communication.

3. A practical tale of assessing a microservices architecture by TAMAS GELESZ

Watch the full session on YouTube

In this session, Tamas Gelesz shares a real-world account of assessing a microservices architecture for a major enterprise. As a consultant, he navigated through challenges and uncovered crucial insights, emphasizing:

  1. Strategic Alignment: Stressing the importance of understanding engagement goals and scope, and how they align with the interests of sponsors and stakeholders.
  2. Business-Driven Insights: Highlighting the essential nature of comprehending business drivers and product quality attributes, including considerations like data quantity and queries.
  3. Pragmatic Design Decisions: Acknowledging that the newest design trends may not always be the best fit, illustrated by examples such as the choice between event-driven microservices and ETL.
  4. Domain-Driven Decomposition: Advocating for the application of fundamental domain-driven design concepts to achieve effective system decomposition.
  5. Valuing Existing Solutions: Recognizing the significance of appreciating and building upon pre-existing, functional solutions.
  6. Continuous Growth: Encouraging a mindset of continual growth through regular reviews and reflections.

As we wrap up Part 2 of our Voxxed Days Thessaloniki 2023 series, the tech insights gathered have been nothing short of illuminating. From real-time anomaly detection to mastering service mesh for developers and navigating microservices architecture assessments, each session has added a distinct layer to our tech knowledge. This concludes our exploration, but it’s not a finaleā€”it’s a continuation.

We encourage you to watch the entire event here and uncover your own insights in the dynamic world of technology.Until our next event, stay curious, stay inspired!